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Paintings from and of:
George Clayton Atkinson’s Expedition to the Faroe Islands in 1833
(Lodge "Heimi í Stovu" was built in 1835)
English travel writer, artist, and naturalist George Clayton Atkinson (1808-1877) set sail for the Faroe Islands on May 26, 1833.
Of particular interest to Atkinson were the birdlife, geology, and folklore of the Faroe Islands and Iceland. 
George Clayton Atkinson’s expeditions throughout the North Atlantic are rarely referenced in Nordic circles. His scholarly work is nevertheless so revered in other parts of Europe that Queen Elizabeth II deemed it fitting to present a copy of Atkinson’s Journal of an Expedition to the Faeroe and Westman Islands and Iceland 1833 to Iceland’s President during her first official visit to Reykjavík in June 1990.
This remarkable volume also contains some of the first and most interesting descriptions and images of the Faroe Islands that have ever been committed to record.
Relatively few depictions of the Faroe Islands were produced in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. 
Atkinson’s first encounter with the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands took place near the island of Vágar. It was there that Peggy happened upon a French vessel conducting illicit trade with a group of Faroese. Atkinson noted that the Faroese were afraid of contracting cholera and chose to remain in their boats: “They didn’t have much interest in money, but they brought sheepskins, milk, and other goods to trade. The French exchanged red wine and cognac for the items the natives offered. They certainly were a curious bunch of people.” 
The images that have been selected to commemorate George Clayton Atkinson’s expedition to the Faroe Islands were originally sketches made by Atkinson himself. These sketches were subsequently rendered into watercolour paintings by the renowned English artist Thomas Miles Richardson (1784-1848).

Fensalir Lodges – Holiday Homes

are two historic buildings, located next to each other in the beautiful village of Kvivík, Faroe Islands.
one of them is bookable for holiday rentals:

The two buildings are set on the sunny side of the lovely village of Kvívík, overlooking the mountains and the sea.

Kvívík is ideally located in the heart of the Faroe Islands on the main Isle of Streymoy.

It is very easy to visit all the points of the Faroe Islands in a relaxed day trip and it is therefore not necessary to stay overnight if you are planning a sightseeing program.

Take it easy and return to your cozy lodge in the evening!

Fensalir Lodges

"The three pearls in Kvívík"

were presented 2019 in the largest lifestyle magazine of the Faroe Islands "KVINNA" in a 13 page story:

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Kvívík is located halfway between the airport and the capital Tórshavn. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Kvivik was due to its protected and picturesque location one of the first settlement points of the Vikings.
Even today, the foundations can be visited.
And that is not the only reason why Kvívík is a popular destination for tourists as well as one of the most photographed places of the Isles.
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Anglers will be pleased to hear that the legendary Leynavatn (for salmon fishing) and the beach at Leynar (one of the best places for sea trout) are only 3 km away.
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… autumn and winter around Kvívík …
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The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands.
No point is further from the sea than 5 km.
The length of the archipelago is only 113 kilometers from north to south and 75 kilometers from west to east.
Most of the Isles are connected by bridges and underwater tunnels.
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Tórshavn the capital, is a wonderful tiny city with a small center. Everything your heart desires will be found there.
Two picturesque harbours flanked by excellent restaurants and cafes give it a maritime character.
It is only 25 kilometers away from your lodges.
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Be sure to make the trip to Mykines, one of the last puffins paradise to breed there.
It is very good to do from Kvívík in a daily program.
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According to the big travel portals, the ultimate attraction on the Faroe Islands!
A breathtaking boat tour below towering bird cliffs and vast areas of breeding grounds of various sea birds.
The start in Vestmanna is only 12 kilometres from Kvívík.
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Many hiking trails start from Kvívík.
You do not have to go far to experience untouched and overwhelming nature.
It just takes a few steps.
It's all right on your doorstep!
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WEBCAM of Kvívík

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