April 2019

"May the Forss be with you."


11 years ago I took the ferry from Ireland to Scottland for heading further North from Scrabster (North of Scotland) to the Faroe Islands.

By coincidence I came across a beautiful river close by Scrabster.
The Forss river is not a big river; but producing constantly a good number of salmon.
Normally it is a time share fishing for members only.
I was very lucky being able to fish due to a cancellation and stayed in a wonderful manor directly set at the river bank.

That time I caught 5 salmon in 90 minutes. I have just been at the right time at the right place. Even the Earl of Caithness fishing the same day with me in rotation was quite impressed and gave me a very friendly handshake.

It is a river which suits me and „the Forss was with me“.

I was waiting long tome to visit Scotlands North again and combined a return to the river with a casting course held by Scott MacKenzie in Inverness.

And again was the Forss with me.
I fished for six hours only and could catch two fine salmon.

Thank you David for the nice comment on the Forss Fisheries website:




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