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Painting above:
Landscape drawing from the Faroe Islands by the English Travel writer, artist and naturalist George Clayton Atkinson (1808-1877) from 1833.
One of the first and most interesting descriptions and paintings of the Faroe Islands ever recorded.


unfortunately I cannot be contacted in the weeks from February 15th to March 12th.

I am on a journalistic trip to the South Atlantic and have hardly any access to the internet or a sufficient network for telephone connections.
I will answer all messages received as soon as possible after my return.

Thank you for your understanding,
Mauritia Kirchner

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Gottlieb Boegner Str 44
D-63849 Rossbach
Tel: +49 (0) 179 121 5709

Faroe Islands:
Steinagerđi 1
FO 340 Kvivik
Tel: +298 580 822

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